Elenco Escape Robot Kit

Build these kits and find out how much fun electronics & mechanics can be ! The Escape Robot Kit works just like an A.I. robot. It never fails to find its way out of a maze. The Escape Robot uses 3 IR emitting diodes and 1 IR receiving module to send and receive signals and detect obstacles. The Escape Robot’s built-in microprocessor enables it to “think” on its own: it gathers and processes information on its environment so it can avoid any obstacle. The Escape Robot moves about on 6 legs. This kit comes complete with 2 sets of differently designed legs that move in their own distinct way. Fun and excitement are guaranteed! Dimensions: 140 x 150 x 100mm Also known as Velleman KSR4 Requires (4) AA batteries (not included)

The Elenco Escape Robot Kit is a nice working model to build. However it requires a good deal of soldering. Therefore unless your child is very comfortable with solder you should help her or him.

When we turned it on only one motor worked. I had to redo some of the soldering to get the second motor to work. Once I did it the whole thing works very well.


* It is a fun kit to build and really works very well.
* It teaches you a little about electronics.
* Shows kids how simple it is to get basic automation going.


* Very minimal instructions specially for children. At least tell them how far to push the components in the PCB.
* Needs a troubleshooting section. At least they should tell you how to test it before fully assembling it.
* It requires soldering. While not hard it requires some basic skills and should not be your first soldering project.

Overall it is a great and engaging project.


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