cadaco Ideal Spectacular Magic Show

Cadaco’s Spectacular Magic Show is a fantastic set and the tricks you’ll learn in the set are a great introduction to fun and exciting art form. Magic is a great hobby and an excellent way to develop new skills, become more creative and build up self-confidence. The Cadaco Spectacular Magic Show is packed with high quality props to perform a complete professional looking magic show for your friends and family. The trick are easy to learn and each to perform and give a professional result. Cadaco develops new tricks every year and this set if full of great new and classic tricks for a great show. The set comes complete with DVD instructions to walk you step by step through the tricks to master even quicker and show you exactly how to perform.

Product Features

  • Turn a glass into a bottle, make a card deck magically vanish, pour magic paint from an empty can, make a rabbit disappear
  • Includes magic wand, cups and balls trick, crazy coin trick, thumb tip
  • Also includes the secrets to 100 tricks
  • DVD instructions to walk you through the key tricks in the set to put on a complete magic show
  • Easy to learn professional quality tricks
  • For children ages 7 and up

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