ROCO HO Scale Digital Starter Set Dutch Express

Welcome to Holland, circa the late ‘60s. How better to view the fields of flowers than to take the train? Now you can replicate the experience in miniature with this wonderful Roco starter set. With the digital control system included and 26 pieces of track (making a large loop over 90” long x 35” wide) you have everything you need to begin your own European model railroad.

Pulled by a smooth-running, highly detailed model of the Dutch State Railway Class 1100 electric loco, the three distinctive coaches (yellow stripe designates First Class) and one restaurant car are miniature jewels reflecting unique Dutch design, with rounded ends and gray “skirts” along the side to add a streamlined look. Peer in the windows to see the compartments and seats and check out the red tables in the diner. Roco model railway products are known internationally for their fine detail and groundbreaking innovations. Carrying on a tradition started in 1960, Roco employs state-of-the-art technology in their European factories to produce unique products that impress through their precision and quality, revealing Roco’s passion for model trains.


  • Digital operating system provides control of speed, direction and locomotive lights
  • Locomotive has all wheels powered via reduction gears driven by Austrian-made motor
  • Coaches include fully detailed interiors with classic European compartments and dining tables in restaurant car
  • Roco geoLINE nickel-silver track system is easy to assemble and provides flawless operations
  • Illustrated instructions included


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