Elenco 500-in-One Electronic Project Lab

A short review cannot do justice to this well-conceived, well-made, and endlessly fascinating “toy”–actually a complete electronics lab that could absorb weeks in the life of anyone over the age of ten who doesn’t already have a degree in electronics. The 16-inch by 13-inch attaché case opens to reveal a 31-key programming keyboard and a bewildering array of connectors, switches, wires, transistors, diodes, and processors.
At least they would be bewildering if it were not for three big books: Hardware Entry Course, Hardware Advanced Course, and Software Programming Course, which total about 300 dense pages detailing 500 projects (memory backups, car horn imitators, LED counters, ramp wave generators, you name it.) This bag of tricks can teach an immense amount about basic wiring, the properties of electricity, transmitters and receivers, programming, and much more.




  1. A classic electronics trainer with 500 experiments
  2. Learn basic principles of electronics and electricity, physics and magnetism
  3. Uses the spring-wire connection and bredboard methods
  4. Includes easy-to-read, lab style, illustrated manual
  5. Brought to you by Elenco Electronics, the same company the brings you Snap Circuits
  6. Six AA batteries required



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